I've been lucky enough to have been involved in several different clubs while at MIT, including the MIT Energy Club, MIT Electric Vehicle Team, and the MIT FSAE Team. I loved my time on these teams, and they've taught me a heck of a lot about practical engineering practices.


I was a part of the MIT FSAE team for over a year where we built an amazing electric racecar. I worked primarily on the carbon fiber fairings, doing design work and custom layups.

MIT Electric Vehicle Team

I was on the MIT Electric Vechile team for over a year where we worked primarily on an electric racing motorcycle to compete in the Pikes Peak Race. We placed 2nd in out category in that race. My responsibilites included working on the fairing design and layups, and integrating a number of sensors into the bike.

MIT Electrochemical Energy Lab (EEL)

I worked on the EEL for the summer of my freshman year doing research into catalysis and lithium ion battery technology

MIT Grossman Group

During the school year my freshman and sophmore years I conducted research in the Grossman group to try to measure the thermal conductivity of some interesting graphitic cements and to develop a thermal conductivity metering device